Workers Compensation Settlement

Posted By Steven Whitman || 17-Nov-2014

We were recently able to negotiate a lump sum settlement on a workers compensation case in the amount of $265,000.00. The case involved an automobile frame technician, age 48, who slipped on oil in the workplace garage. He fell to the floor and seriously injured his shoulder and was eventually diagnosed with Rotator Cuff injury with post-surgical complications including adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder syndrome). After much treatment, including physical therapy, arthroscopic surgery, open shoulder surgery and multiple surgical interventions, the employee still remained totally disabled three years after his accident.

The insurance company attempted to stop his weekly benefits, arguing that the client was able to be employed at a different job. The client's doctor, a highly respected surgeon who had treated members of the Boston Celtics basketball team, disagreed with the insurance doctors and we were able to convince the insurance company that they owed our client a long term commitment. The insurance company finally agreed to our demand, and we were successful in negotiating payment of our client's future benefits reduced to a present value lump sum settlement. - See more at:
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