Blog Posts in 2015

  • December Safety Tips

    || 1-Dec-2015

    As the holidays are approaching it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take certain precautions in order to stay safe. At the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman, we want to equip you with certain safety tips to remember this holiday season. Check out our December safety tips: If You Are Traveling Get an automatic timer for your lights. Ask a neighbor to watch your home, shovel snow, and ...
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  • When you file an injury claim, the claims adjuster will do their best to save their insurance company’s money by limiting your compensation as much as possible. They will attempt to break any rules necessary if they believe they can get away with it in this regard and you should be aware of some of the improper negotiating tactics they may use and how to respond. “Waiting too long to ...
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  • Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    || 18-Nov-2015

    While no more common than other types of vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents have a much higher chance of resulting in serious injuries for the motorcyclist. It may therefore benefit riders to understand the common causes of such accidents that they may be avoided. Head-On Collisions The majority of fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by head-on collisions with other automobiles. Cars Making ...
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  • What if my accident injuries don't show up right away?

    || 11-Nov-2015

    In the immediate aftermath of an accident, your adrenaline and endorphins are a natural reaction and can work to block pain for several hours, making it appear as if you escaped from the accident unharmed. Soft tissue damage, such as harm done to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can make itself known in the days following an accident, whiplash being one of the most common. You could be ...
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  • What Should I Do After Getting Into a Car Accident?

    || 24-Sep-2015

    Have you been involved in an accident? At the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman, we are dedicated 100% to your safety. That means that we want to safeguard you from anything that could have negative effects on your personal injury claim. The moments after a car accident are the most crucial. Handle the situation as calmly as possible. You may find that matters turn out much more smoothly when you ...
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  • Revealing Negligence Due to Preponderance of the Evidence in Injury Cases

    || 12-May-2015

    In the world after Deflategate we are all becoming familiar with the terminology, “A preponderance of the evidence.” Recently, the NFL found “by a preponderance of the evidence” that Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady had a general idea that footballs were being deflated. What exactly does this mean for injured victims (Plaintiffs) trying to prove their case in court? ...
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  • Why Injuries on Job Sites Tend to Happen Toward Completion

    || 1-Apr-2015

    Why is it that accidents tend to occur towards the end of any project, from building a home to clearing a roof of dead leaves? Intuition would seem to suggest that an accident is more likely to take place at the beginning of a project—the situation and environment is new and possibly unfamiliar—but the research implies otherwise. Hundreds of thousands of people are admitted to ...
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  • Successful Outcomes; One client, Multiple Claims

    || 31-Mar-2015

    A recent example of MULTIPLE CLAIMS arising from ONE ACCIDENT is when our client, a construction supervisor, tripped and fell in a hole at his job site, suffering a twist injury to his knee. The FIRST CLAIM we won for him was the fight to get him appropriate workers compensation weekly wage payments and medical treatment. As a result, the client was able to receive his immediate surgical treatment ...
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  • Workers' Compensation for Construction Sites: Your Options

    || 25-Mar-2015

    Injuries on construction sites are not uncommon and usually quite serious given the dangerous equipment and situations construction workers are often placed in. Those construction workers injured on the job may have some options when it comes to making a claim for compensation to cover the costs associated with a workplace injury. To be eligible for workers’ compensation, you do not need to ...
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