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Forklifts are a valuable piece of a workplace to assist with transporting goods. While forklifts can keep workers from injuring themselves by carrying heavy loads themselves, improperly maintained or operated forklifts can cause accidents resulting in very serious injuries, 680,400 per year in the U.S. according to OSHA. If you or a loved one suffered an injury related to forklift operation, get in touch with one of our professional Boston construction accident attorneys to work towards recovering compensation.

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In the more than 50 years of our firm’s combined experience, the legal team at the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman has already recovered damages reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our firm is made up of experienced trial lawyers who practice personal injury law exclusively.

Our Boston injury attorneys are so confident in our abilities to bring you the financial compensation you need after an accident that we work on a contingency fee basis—you won’t pay us anything until we recover damages for you.

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Forklift accidents are often the result of an improper design in the workplace, narrow aisles, blind spots, poor turning radius, or other reasons. Given the weight of forklifts, any negligence or mistakes can prove very costly to the operator or bystanders.

Common forklifts accidents can include:

  • Electrocution
  • Employees struck by falling loads
  • Forklifts tipping over
  • Falls from forklifts
  • Employees struck by powered forklifts

Some accidents are the result of an improperly trained operator who makes dangerous turns or fails to warn others of their presence. If this is the case and you were injured by an improperly trained operator, an injury suit put together by our Boston workers' compensation lawyer can hold the driver and even management liable.

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Such lawsuits work to keep negligent or careless parties accountable if you were hurt while at work. You could be eligible to receive damages to pay for any hospitalization or other medical treatment you received for your injury and compensation for all pay lost from work.

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