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If you were injured on another person's property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability claim. If you slipped and fell due to a dangerous condition present (broken stairs, poor lighting, or poor construction, etc.) or other public safety rule violation, we encourage you to contact our legal team immediately.

Our Boston premises liability lawyers, we have secured tens of millions of dollars for injured victims. Our relentless pursuit of the maximum settlement possible has helped thousands of injured clients confidently move forward with their lives after a serious accident. Your success is our success, and we work hard to exceed your expectations.

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When is a property owner responsible for my injury?

Landlords, business owners, and property owners of public and private premises must maintain their property so that residents, patrons or guests are kept safe. To win a premises liability case against a negligent property owner, it must be established that the owner of the property knew or reasonably should have known about the dangerous condition. Property owners who fail to uphold these safety rules can be held liable for injuries that their guests or patrons sustained. Our firm can help you by examining records of maintenance, photographing the accident scene, and gathering testimonies from witnesses.

Examples of premises liability accidents include:

  • Slip and fall accidents due to poor construction or maintenance
  • Health problems from being exposed to toxic fumes in the building
  • Being assaulted in a parking lot because of inadequate security
  • Tripping in stairwells because of building defects or poor lighting
  • Dog bites because the owner failed to properly restrain pet

Your case can depend on your relationship to the owner and why you were on the property. The three types of relationships to property owners include invitees, such as customers or people invited onto a property to do business, licensees, such as friends, acquaintances and people invited onto a property for a visit, and trespassers. While trespassers are owed the lowest duty of care, property owners cannot ignore dangers with which they know a trespasser may come in contact.

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