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Cranes are required for almost all major construction projects as they are able to transport and lift thousands of pounds of material. With so many cranes in operation across the country, it would make sense to believe these machines were properly maintained, and the operators using them were properly trained in order to prevent serious injuries or construction accidents.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, since 1997, there has been an average of 82 crane accident related fatalities every year. Additionally, per the Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau, 90% of all crane accidents occur due to human error and alarmingly 50% of those accidents result in fatalities.

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Common Causes of Crane Accidents

  • Improper Employee Training: Employees that have not been adequately trained should not be operating cranes as it could likely lead to accidents. Employers should make sure all crane operators have the proper training and have completed the OSHA safety courses.
  • Improper Crane Assembly: Improper crane assembly is a leading cause of boom collapse. If the crane was not properly blocked with wood or metal supports to stabilize the loads, it may become unbalanced and collapse.
  • Improper Maintenance and Inspections: How often a crane should be inspected depends on the type of crane, some require quarterly inspections while others may only need to be inspected yearly. In order to prevent tragic crane accidents, employers should follow the required inspection and maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, outside pressures to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible often influence employers’ decisions to forgo regular crane inspections and maintenance.
  • Contact with Power lines: A leading cause of crane injuries is electrocution from power lines that have come into contact with the crane. Crane operators and employers should be aware of all overhead, active power lines before beginning the construction job to prevent electrical accidents.
  • Crane Collapsing or Buckling: Every crane has its own weight capacity. This weight capacity should always be strictly adhered to as the weight capacity directly coincides with the counterbalance weight capacity. If the maximum weight is exceeded by a negligent crane operator, then the crane is in danger of buckling or collapsing.

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Many crane accidents result in tragic, life-altering injury or death. Victims who have been involved in accidents like this are often unable to work as the most common injuries from crane accidents include crushed legs, paralysis, burns, head injuries and broken bones. If you’ve been in a recent crane accident, you need to seek the legal counsel of an experienced Boston construction accident attorney.

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