Toxic Chemical Exposure in Massachusetts

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Immediate or continued exposure to certain toxic chemicals can result in serious injury, illness, or death. Chemicals which were once considered safe were used in a variety of products and have now been associated with cancer and other fatal conditions.

If you or a loved one has fallen ill due to exposure to toxic chemicals in a property or the workplace, then it may be time to explore your available legal options. At the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman LLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the compensation to make the best recovery possible.

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Common Instances of Toxic Chemical Exposure

Toxic exposure claims can be quite complex because of the gradual and often subtle side effects the dangerous condition can have on victims. Our Boston toxic chemical exposure lawyers can consult with experts and provide compelling evidence which proves that a property owner’s lack of care directly resulted in our client’s diminished health.

The following are common examples of toxic chemical exposure claims:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead poisoning
  • Mold
  • Toxic waste/hazardous chemicals
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Mold
  • Any known carcinogens

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Like other premises liability cases, property owners are typically liable for any harm their lack of due care caused to visitors. Furthermore, even a government entity can be held accountable for toxic exposure in public areas. Our legal team can investigate your illness, collect evidence, and develop an effective strategy to recover your entitled damages. With tens of millions of dollars in compensation recovered on behalf of our clients, we understand what it takes to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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