18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

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Companies and corporations rely on 18 wheeler trucks and big rigs to transport freight all around the country, which fills our streets and highways with these massive vehicles. Not all truck drivers will receive the right amount of training before getting into an 18 wheeler. Many more still will not pay attention while delivering freight on long journeys. This can and does lead to devastating 18 wheel truck accidents that cause severe injuries, or even deaths.

If you or a loved one were hurt by an 18 wheeler in Massachusetts, the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman LLC wants to know. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, we have become known throughout the state for our knowledge, know-how, and, of course, our compassion. You can begin your case with a free initial consultation with our Boston truck accident attorneys. Just call (617) 227-8118 to learn more.

Liable Parties in 18 Wheeler Accidents

The average 18 wheeler accident can become increasingly complicated once a plaintiff attempts to pinpoint liability. The obvious choice is the truck driver but this might not be true, or he or she might not be the only liable party. Our lawyers can review your claim and the provided evidence to determine who should be named in your claim.

Parties that might be liable for your 18 wheeler accident include:

  • Truck driver: General negligence, distraction from a smartphone, and intoxication are all personal decisions an 18 wheeler driver can make that puts liability for a crash solely on his or her shoulders. Ideally, your claim will not be filed just against a truck driver, as his or her own personal insurance coverage might cap before you can collect all the necessary compensation.
  • Parent company: Every company has a responsibility to oversee employee actions and behaviors. A trucking company that hires inexperienced drivers, does not conduct the proper training sessions, or schedules truckers to drive more hours than they are legally illegible under federal law which may lead to exhaustion and lack of focus might be partially liable for your damages.
  • Maintenance crew: 18 wheeler trucks need to be maintained carefully and consistently to stay at peak performance conditions. A maintenance crew that is careless in its repairs or part replacements puts the trucker and everyone else on the road at risk of an 18 wheeler truck accident.
  • Load crew: As aforementioned, 18-wheelers are the truck of choice for commercial companies to ship freight and cargo. A trailer hauled by an 18 wheeler needs to be loaded properly to ensure weight distribution is correct and tipping risks are minimized. Load crews that willingly overload a trailer could be held partly responsible for any resulting crashes. Federal regulations as well as the commercial drivers’ license manual requires truckers to inspect their load for balance before departing.

While filing your claim against the wrong party should not ultimately affect your chances of compensation, it will slow your case down and could end in wasted resources. Take the guesswork out of your filing by working with the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman LLC.

Explore Your Legal Options With Our Assistance

Trying to take on a trucking company on your own can be an uphill battle. With our truck accident lawyers by your side, you can take control of the situation and feel confident that your case has real potential to get you a maximized compensation amount. Begin at any time by using an online contact form or by scheduling a free case evaluation.


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